Greek Culture What About The Ladies?

posted on 10 Sep 2015 12:33 by wastefrog7
The men of ancient Greece are recognized, from Hercules to Alexander the Great. Greek women are seldom mentioned and one has to wonder why? Greek Society What About The Ladies? Ancient Greece was quite definitely a patriarchal society. Sports were reserved for men. Literature, philosophy, politics and the like were too. At the least, this is what men wrote in-the various publications we have from the period. Learn new info on website by navigating to our majestic wiki. In truth, the positioning of women in ancient Greece was one best identified by the phrase separation. Men and women lived with very defined boundaries, boundaries managed by the men. The house was the boundary. Greek women were married off at a young age to men much older than them. These were then moved into the household of these new man. This new family was not their private kingdom. We discovered get customgreekthreads by browsing Yahoo. Instead, the mother of these man ruled the household, a scary thought for some modern women. In this role, the wife was usually given little training and had no real position other than being the home of her husband with all that implies. Generally speaking, women were viewed as inferior beings using their primary use being childbirth. As you is able to see, not most of ancient Greece was specially enlightened. The one exception to this rule was Sparta. Sparta had a completely different view of gender. Essentially, it ignored it. Women were o-n par with men. To check up additional info, please have a gander at: They were educated, could own property, have multiple husbands and participate in public life just like a man could. Alas, you've got to imagine the women of Athens and Sparta should have looked at each other in surprise given the various paths their lives took. For all its wonderful achievements, gender equality in ancient Greece wasn't one of them..
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